Jazz 25GB Weekly Package Code|Subscription & Details

Jazz basically provides two weekly packages for their customers. The first bundle is 25GB
that is valid for Day and Night, the second bundle is 25GB valid only for Night hours. Both
packages have different prices, MBs and subscription code, so to get your favourite weekly
package subscribe to any of these two bundles. All Jazz customers are applicable for this offer.

25000MBs Day and Night time:

To subscribe day and night offer follow the instructions given below:

Offer name: Mega Plus

Offer NameSubscription CodeInternet DataPrice Status CodeValidity
Mega Plus*453#25GB(15GB will work 24 hours)
Rs.338*453*2#7 Days
  • Unlock your phone and dial *453# in Rs.338
  • In this bundle you will get 25GB of total data in which 15GB internet will work 24 hours and 10GB internet will work (2AM-2PM) only.
  • Overall in this offer you will get 25000 MBs
  • To check your status code dial *453*2#
  • This offer is valid for 7 days

25000MBs Night Time:

Offer NameSubscription CodeInternet DataPriceStatus CodeValidity
25000MBs Night Time*453#25000MBs(12AM-12PM)Rs.85*117*1*2#7 Days
  • Unlock your phone and dial *117*1# in Rs.85
  • In this offer you will get 25000MBs from (12AM-12PM)
  • To check your status code dial *117*1*2#
  • This offer is valid for 7 days
Jazz 25GB weekly package Code
How I will save my Jazz balance?

1.Simple dial *275# in Rs.0
2.To unsubscribe dial *275*4#
3.Valid for 30 days

How can I get Jazz offer?

Jazz offers their customers to select their own bundles of their own choices just by dialing
*303# customers can then select their own choice bundles and enjoy.

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