Jazz Advance Balance Code|Complete Details & Guideline

Jazz Advance Balance Code | Complete Details & Guideline

Jazz, one of the leading mobile network operators, offers a range of loan options to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Jazz loans are designed to provide customers with convenient and instant access to funds.This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to obtain a Jazz loan, highlighting the eligibility criteria, application process, and important considerations.

How To Get Jazz Loan

Jazz Loan Service is a unique offering provided by Jazz, enabling its prepaid customers to access short-term loans in times of need. If you want loan in case of emergency then there are two Common Jazz Advance Balance Code available(Rs.15 & Rs.30).

Package NameActivation Code
Jazz LoanRs.15 (*112#)
Rs.30 (*113#)

Jazz Advance 15 Rupees

In addition, subscribers to Mobilink Jazz might receive a 15 rupee advance balance. On the subsequent recharge, this little advance loan levies a small tax. For a loan of 15 Rupees Balance have a look at the following points

  • Simply Unlock your phone and dial *112#
  • 15 rupees are transferred to the user’s account with this code.
  • Jazz Advance only charges PKR 3.30.

Jazz Advance 30 Rupees

Jazz 4G lately introduced the new super development in Pakistan. With this service, the network will lend its subscribers twice as much money. As a result, subscribers will have more balance to call in an emergency.Have a look at the following points and get 30 Rupees loan.

  • Unlock Your Phone and simply dial *113#
  • This code lends the customer a loan of 30 rupees.
  • On the subsequent recharge, the network will bill 5.98 rupees.
  • Jazz Prepaid subscribers only are eligible for this service.

Jazz Loan Service provides a convenient and accessible solution for Jazz prepaid customers in need of immediate financial assistance. By simply dialing a USSD code, users can request and receive short-term loans directly on their SIM cards, without the hassle of paperwork or credit checks. The service offers benefits such as convenience, emergency support, and the potential for improved eligibility over time. However, it is crucial for users to be responsible with loan repayments to avoid any disruptions to their service. Overall, Jazz’s loan service demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to meet the financial needs of its customers.

Benefits and Considerations

The Jazz Loan Service offers several benefits and considerations for users:


Applying for a loan on Jazz SIM is a hassle-free process, providing immediate financial assistance without the need for traditional paperwork.


The service is available to all Jazz prepaid customers, ensuring widespread accessibility throughout Pakistan.

Emergency Support:

Jazz loans can be a lifeline during emergencies, helping users overcome temporary financial difficulties.

  • Usage Rewards: Timely loan repayments can improve your eligibility for higher loan amounts and better offers in the future.
  • Repayment Responsibility: Users should be mindful of loan repayment and ensure that sufficient balance is available on their next recharge to avoid any service disruptions.
Jazz Advance Balance Code|Complete Details & Guideline
Jazz Advance Balance Code

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Who is eligible to apply for a loan on Jazz SIM?

To be eligible for Jazz’s loan service, you must have a prepaid Jazz SIM and maintain a regular usage history, including recharges and calls. Additionally, you should have a balance of Rs. 5 or less to be eligible for loan requests.

What loan amounts are available through Jazz Loan Service?

Jazz offers different loan amounts based on your usage history and eligibility. Common loan amounts include Rs. 15, Rs. 30, and Rs. 50. The available loan amounts may vary and can be viewed in the loan service menu.

Is there a service fee for the loan on Jazz SIM?

Yes, there is a small service fee associated with the loan amount. The service fee will be displayed along with the loan amount when you confirm your request. It will be deducted from the loan amount upon disbursement.

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