Jazz Data Sim Packages|Daily,Weekly,Monthly

Jazz usually offers new packages for its customers it’s the reason that most people are using Jazz Sim. Jazz is winning the heart of Pakistani People. This is because all the services they
are providing are very cheap, beneficial and best for their customers in terms of communication. Now Jazz has brought Sim packages (weekly and monthly bundle) for their users.

Jazz Internet Data Weekly Sim Packages:

For customers who want weekly Jazz data Sim packages, jazz has brought a lot of offers for
them. See the table given below and subscribe you favourite weekly offer.

Package Name
Subscription Code
Internet Data
Status Code
Weekly Extreme*117*14#5GB*117*14*2#Rs.85
Mega*117**48#20Gb(10Gb 1AM-9AM)*117*48*2#Rs.291
Weekly Mega*159#7GB*159*2#Rs.213
Weekly Extreme*117*14#25GBs(12AM-12PM)*117*14*2#Rs.95
Weekly YouTube And
And Facebook)

Jazz Internet Data Monthly Sim Packages:

Jazz brought a lot of offers for their customers. Follow the table given below and subscribe to your favourite monthly offer.

Package NameSubscription CodeInternet DataStatus CodePrice
Monthly Starter*117*77#4GB (2GB 2AM-2PM)*117*77*2#Rs.242
Smart*117*35#15GB(7.5GB 1AM-9AM)*117*35*2#Rs.600
Monthly Extreme*117*34#10GB(12AM-12PM)*117*34*2#Rs.168
Monthly Mega Plus*117*30#12GB(6GB 2AM-2PM)*117*30*2#Rs.384

Recommended Offers:

If you want to enjoy Jazz 7GB Weekly Package simply click on the link https://allmobilepackages.com/jazz-7gb-weekly-package-code/ and you will get complete guideline of Jazz 7GB Weekly Package.

Jazz Data Sim Packages|Daily,Weekly,Monthly
Jazz Data packages
How will i check my Jazz 4GB monthly package?

Simply dial *117*77*2# to check Jazz 4GB monthly package.

How will I activate Jazz Weekly 25GB?

Simply dial *453# to activate Jazz Weekly 25GB Internet.

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