Jazz Weekly Internet Packages|The Best Way To Stay Connected

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages | The Best Way To Stay Connected

Are you tired of running out of mobile data every month? Do you find yourself constantly worried about exceeding your data limit? If you’re a Jazz user, worry no more! Jazz offers a range of weekly internet packages that are perfect for those who need to stay connected without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll be exploring Jazz weekly internet Bundles, the benefits they offer, and how to subscribe to them.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz offers a variety of weekly internet bundles that cater to the needs of different users. Whether you’re a heavy user who streams videos and downloads large files or someone who simply needs to stay connected on social media,so have a look at the following table and subscribe to which offers suits you best.

Package Name

Subscription Code
Internet Data

Off-net minutes

On-net Minutes
Jazz New SIM Offer*191#Rs.01000 100010007Days
Jazz 4G SIM Offer*443*7#Rs.050005005007Days
Jazz Weekly SMS Package*101*1*07#Rs.302515007Days
Jazz Weekly WhatsApp And SMS*101*1*07#Rs.302515007Days
Jazz Super SIM Offer*476#Rs.606000306006007Days
Jazz Free Music Bundle(Weekly)*502*2*1#Rs.903507Days
Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer*627#Rs.1002000200020007Days
Jazz Punjab Haftawar Offer*307#Rs.119100006050007Days
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package(Selected Cities Only)*747#Rs.120100050100010007Days
Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer*117*1#Rs.130500007Days
Jazz Work From Home Bundle*117*14#Rs.13512000Unlimited7Days
Jazz Weekly Hybrid*407#Rs.150100060100010007Days
Jazz Weekly Youtube & Social*660#Rs.16050007Days
Jazz Weekly All Network Package*700#Rs.210300090100010007Days
Jazz Weekly Social Plus*668#Rs.2158000255005007Days
Jazz Weekly premium 3G,4G Package*117*47#Rs.2304000507Days
Jazz Weekly Mega*159#Rs.30410000100500050007Days
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer*770#Rs.30410000100500050007Days
Jazz Weekly Super Plus*505#Rs.30410000100500050007Days
Jazz Weekly Mega plus Offer*453#Rs.36930000150600060007Days
Jazz Weekly Super Max*506#Rs.36930000150600060007Days

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Jazz Weekly Internet Packages|The Best Way To Stay Connected
Jazz Weekly Internet Package
Can I use Jazz Weekly Internet Packages for 4G/LTE?

Yes, Jazz Weekly Internet Packages can be used for both 4G and LTE networks.

What is the validity period of Jazz Weekly Internet Bundle?

The validity period for Jazz Weekly Internet bundle is seven days (1 week).

What are Jazz Weekly Internet Packages?

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages are subscription plans that offer internet data for a week at a fixed price.

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