Jazz wifi Device Super 4G Internet Packages 2020

Jazz! Pakistan’s no 1 telecommuting network with over 56 million subscribers. The reason behind jazz’s huge success is to gives what its customers want. Jazz always gain their customers by providing them great quality offers and quality services. As we know Jazz is giving matchless offers to its customs in all categories. Incall packages, SMS packages, and also fast internet packages.
Besides all those packages jazz also offers JAZZ Wifi devices, Super 4G internet packages to their customers to enjoy and fulfill all their needs and stay connected and online all the time.

Device Internet Packages 2020

Terms & Condition:

  • All mentioned bundles or packages are for one-time use only and won’t be automatically resubscribed.
  • : All packages and bundles are only available on Data Sims and MBB Devices.
  • These internet offers are not only used by 4G but also 3G and 2G devices and networks.
  • : To recharge or activate packages, customers can use Jazz cash or visit nearby retailers or Frenchies.
  • Dial *6363# from MBB master number to subscribe or activate offers and to get other info
  • To subscribe or recharge simply go to http://jazz.wifi/ from device and dial *6363#
  • Jazz wifi device’s Monthly Packages have the same Mbs data as regular 24 hours data MBs, to use at night from (1 am to 9 am) .
  • Basic package: 15GB (24hr) + 15GB (1am-9am) @ Rs 999 (pkr) .
  • Regular package: 30GB (24hr) + 30GB (1am-9am) @ Rs 1500 (pkr).
  • Heavy package: 75GB (24hr) + 75GB (1am-9am) @ Rs 2500 (pkr).
  • Both night data(1 am-9 am) and (24hrs) data Mbs are valid for 30 days.
  • 10: If you are using data at night (1 am to 9 am) then night data will be used automatically. Normal (24 hr) data will not be consumed from 1 am to 9 am if night data MBS are remaining.
  • 11:When night data MBS (1 am to 9 am) ends than at that time normal (24hrs) data MBS will be used.
  • 12: Customers will be regularly updated with info about subscription, usage via notification SMS on their MBB device, and attached Number.
  • 13: Both normal(24hrs)and night (1 am to 9 am)Data GBs are valid for all new and old customers from any new subscriptions & existing subscriptions will be valid the same as old validities.
  • 14:In 3 or 6 Months Data packages, data Mbs will not be added from one 30day cycle to another. It’s mean any remaining MBs will expire after every 30 days cycle.
  • 15:Internet speed varies because of device position, time of day, number of users connected to the device, distance from the network tower, the distance between Jazz wifi device, and device on which you are using the internet and others.
  • 16:Prices of all bundles that we mentioned above are inclusive of fees and taxes.

Features of Jazz Wifi Device:

Jazz internet devices have three types. 1: Jazz super 4G WiFi. 2: Super 4G single and 3:Jazz Home WiFi.

1: Jazz super 4G WiFi

Jazz Super 4G WiFi Device features 2300 mAh of battery capacity and also supports micro SD card up to 32GB. Jazz wifi device can give 4G speed up to 150Mbps. Maximum 12 devices are able to connect to the jazz wifi device at the same time.

2: Super 4G single

Jazz Super 4G single device also supports micro SD cards up to 32GB. Maximum 12 devices can connect to Jazz Super 4G single at the same time.

3:Jazz Home WiFi.

Jazz Home WiFi offers you long-range WiFi.
It is also able to give you 4G speed up to 150Mbps

How to Buy the Jazz Device:

You can buy Jazz WiFi devices from the nearest Jazz franchise or retailers. To activate the Jazz wifi device you have to perform biometric verification and have to choose the bundle of your choice.
You can subscribe bundles from your jazz cash account, Jazz retailer, or simply dial *6363# from your device or from other Jazz numbers.

Balance Recharges:

  • 1: Get Jazz load from the retailer by giving MBB number.
  •  2: Recharge MBB from Jazz Cash Account.
  • 3:By Using scratch cards bought from nearby retailers.
  •  5: Connect to device’s WiFi and use Jazz WiFi app
  •  6: Dial *6363# from MBB another number that attached to MBB.

Subscribe or change bundle:

  • You can subscribe or change bundles by steps given under.
  •  2: Dial USSD *6363#.
  •  3: Call Jazz helpline 111.
  •  4:Visit the nearest Jazz retailer.
  •  5: Dial *6363# from registered or attached contact number.

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