SCOM Daily SMS Package|Activation Code & Complete Guideline

SCOM Daily SMS Package|Activation Code & Complete Guideline

SCOM daily SMS packages are specifically tailored to meet the varying needs of users who require frequent SMS communication. This package allow subscribers to send a specific number of SMS messages per day within a defined validity period. By opting for a daily SMS package, users can enjoy uninterrupted messaging capabilities without the worry of exceeding their budget or dealing with unexpected charges.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is more important than ever. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, having an affordable and reliable daily SMS package can make a significant difference. SCOM a leading telecom provider, understands this need and offers a range of daily SMS packages to cater to diverse communication requirements. In this article, we will delve into the details of SCOM’s daily SMS packages, exploring their features, benefits and activation process.

How To Subscribe SCOM Daily SMS Package

Have a look at the following table and subscribe to your favourite SCOM SMS bundle and enjoy with your friends,family and relatives.

Package Name

Subscription Code
On-net minutes

Internet Data
SCOM Daily SMS Bundle*725#100100050 MBRs.121 Day
  • Simply Unlock your phone and dial *725#.
  • In this offer you will get 100 SMS.
  • In this offer you will get 1000 On-net minutes.
  • You can enjoy 50 MB Internet.
  • You will get this offer in only Rs.12.
  • This offer is valid for one day.

Features Of SCOM Daily SMS Package

SCOM daily SMS packages come with a host of features that make them an attractive choice for users. Firstly, these packages offer affordability, allowing subscribers to stay connected without burning a hole in their pockets. Additionally, SCOM provides flexible options for different user requirements, with varying SMS limits to choose from. Whether you need a package for light texting or extensive communication, SCOM has you covered.

Furthermore, SCOM ensures the convenience of its subscribers by offering reasonable validity periods. Users can select a package based on their anticipated SMS usage, ranging from a single day to multiple days. This flexibility allows users to tailor their communication needs according to their preferences and budget.

While several telecom providers offer daily SMS packages, SCOM distinguishes itself through its commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive advantages. In comparison to other providers, SCOM’s daily SMS packages offer a winning combination of affordability, generous SMS limits, and extensive coverage. By opting for SCOM, users can experience uninterrupted communication and excellent value for their money.

SCOM Daily SMS Package|Activation Code & Complete Guideline
SCOM Daily SMS Package

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Can I share or transfer my SCOM Daily SMS Package to another SCOM user?

SCOM Daily SMS Packages are usually non-transferable and meant for individual use. Sharing or transferring the package to another SCOM user may not be allowed. It’s best to review the terms and conditions or consult with SCOM’s customer support for specific details.

How long is the validity of SCOM Daily SMS Packages?

The validity is for 24 hours from the time of subscription.

Can I use SCOM Daily SMS Packages to send international messages?

SCOM Daily SMS Packages are usually designed for domestic or national SMS usage. International SMS messages may have separate charges or require different packages. It’s advisable to check with SCOM’s customer support or refer to their website for specific international SMS packages.

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