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Telenor is count in the big cellular networks in Pakistan with over 3 million active 4G Internet users.
Telenor always gives their customers what they want or what they need.
They care about their customers by providing them fast 4 G internet at affordable prices. Telenor also gives its customers many types of packages from call packages to SMS packages to fast internet packages. All users have the option to choose from many different kinds of packages and offers which they gave.

: Telenor Daily Call Packages :

These packages are valid for only one day. These are best for those who want to call urgent and for a long time without wasting hundreds of rupees.
TELENOR offers some great daily call packages for their respective customers. You can find all of the Telenor daily call packages below.

Telenor Call Packages (3 Days)

TELENOR offers various kinds of 3 days packages from which users can take advantage.
With these 3 days, call packages Telenor gives free MBs and SMS alongside free minutes.
Below is the full detail of all Telenor 3days call packages.

Telenor Weekly Call Packages

These Telenor call packages give plenty of free minutes and other stuff to get through the whole week.
Complete information about the subscription of Telenor weekly call packages are given below

Telenor Monthly Call Packages (30 days) :

If you want call packages along with free MBs and SMS for the whole month then their packages are for you.
These packages give you peace of mind for the entire month. These packages expire after a month or after 30 days from the activation date.
Complete information about Telenor monthly call packages are given below.

: Telenor Easy Card :

  • These packages give you free minutes, SMS, and internet data Mbs all three in one package
  • Here is how you can activate Telenor Easy Card.
  • 1: Go to the nearest Telenor retailer and ask him for Telenor Easy Card.
  • Give him your number and he’ll directly subscribe from his device.
  • 2: You can get “Easy Card”
  • Scratch card from any Telenor retailer and use it to activate this package.
  • 3: You can use this Card by daily *555*14digit card number# e-g *555*12345678900000#.

Telenor Postpaid Packages:

These Telenor call packages are for postpaid customers
Telenor gives only monthly packages to their postpaid users from which they can choose from.

: Telenor Terms And Conditions:

  • 1: Company has the total right to change packages details or change packages charges.
  • 2: Company can withdraw any call package at any time.
  • 3: Standard charges 12.5 paisas are applied on every call package subscription.
  • 4:The package content can be changed at any time.
  • 5:Tax is included in all the above-mentioned packages.
  • 6:On conversion of any packaging company will charge 12.5 paisas.
  • 7: On resubscription of the same Package Telenor will add any leftover minutes, MBS, or SMS to a new one.
  • 8:If you resubscribe the same package while the old one is not expired,
  • The company will further increase the expiry date with respect to the new package.

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