Telenor SMS Packages-Daily Weekly & Monthly

Telenor as a company is considered in the biggest cellular company in Pakistan. They care about their customers by providing them packages that are offered they need the most. SMS are smiling among the most used and favorite way to get in touch with others, mostly in young generations. So consider that in mind Telenor is giving all types of SMS offers and packages
3 days of SMS packages, weekly SMS packages,15 days SMS packages, and monthly SMS
Farther below you can find all information about Telenor SMS packages along with other gifts.
You’ll find info about Telenor SMS packages activation, deactivation process, and prices, etc.

Telenor Daily Sms Packages:

Telenor gives these daily packages to their customers to facilitate them in a way that the customer can fulfill their needs without spending too much money. These packages contain decent numbers of SMS and cost very little.
You can find information about a couple of Telenor Daily SMS packages down below.

Telenor SMS Packages 3 Day:

After one day packages, Telenor gives you 3 days and packages for light to heavy users to fulfill their chatting needs.
Telenor offers a couple of 3 days SMS packages from which you can choose.
You can see all information about 3 days SMS packages down below

Telenor SMS Packages -15 Days:

Further more Telenor gives couple of 15 days SMS packages. These packages are not that expensive but have enough SMSs to fulfill your needs easily.Further details about Telenor 15 Days SMS Packages are given below.

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages:

These packages are good for those peoples who are free on weekends . They can activate Telenor weekly packages on weekends without worrying about SMS during working days. These packages are valid for a week or 7 days.

Telenor SMS monthly Packages:

Telenor gives their customers monthly SMS packages because there are so many peoples that are not going outside very often or they are busy in their works and jobs, so Telenor monthly SMS packages are for them. Then can activate once and feel free to use these SMS for whole month without worrying about running out of SMS or time. Monthly SMS packages are valid for a month or 30 days. Further details about Telenor monthly packages are given below.

Telenor SMS Other Packages

Telenor also gives other SMS packages to their customers . Validity of these packages are not same , it changes from package to package . Further details about these packages are given below.

Terms and Condition:

  • For checking of remaining SMS dial *111#, service charges applied = 0.24 Rs or 24 paisas. 
  • Telenor has the right to change the amount and charges at any time
  • Company has the right to change packages content at any time
  • Tax is included in all the above-mentioned SMS packages.

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