Telenor Super Card 800 Code|Price And Package Details

In Telenor Super card 800 You will get 3000 On-net Telenor & PTCL minutes, 300 Off-net minutes, 3000 SMS, and 6000 MB of Internet. Telenor Monthly Easy Card 800 subscriptions are available at any nearby merchant or by simply dialling *80#. In this article you will get complete guideline of how to subscribe Telenor Easy Card 800.

For Telenor super card 800 follow the instructions given below:

Package NameSubscription CodeInternet DataSMSOnnet MinutesOff Net Minutes
Telenor super card 800 *80#6000 MBs30003000 Telenor And PTCL minutes300 other Network Minutes
  • Unlock your phone and dial *80#
  • In this offer you will get Internet 6000 MBs
  • In this offer you will get SMS 3000
  • In this offer you will get Onnet 3000 Telenor and PTCL minutes
  • In this offer you will get Offnet 300 other network minutes
  • This offer is valid for 30 days

You can also get this offer by going to your nearby retailor or by getting an Easy Card 800
scratch card. This offer is eligible for all Telenor customers.

Telenor Super Card
Are there any additional charges in Telenor super card 800?

No there are no additional charges in Telenor super card 800.

How I will check free resources of Telenor super card?

Simply dial *123# to check your remaining resources.

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