Ufone Call Packages: Hourly, Daily, Weekly Monthly

Ufone Calls Packages:

Ufone is a telecommuting network in Pakistan. Back in the days, Ufone was considered as one of the best telecom networks in Pakistan. They are first to introduce “super cards” which were very popular among users back then till now. Although Ufone is not best in Quantity it is best in quality. Now let’s talk about Ufone’s call packages. You can find all information and details about Ufone call packages down below.

 Ufone Call Packages (Hourly):

Hourly packages are very popular among youngsters. These packages are good for friendly calls and also business calls. Below, you can find more details about Ufone’s Packages

Ufone Call Packages(Daily):

Ufone also gives daily call packages to its users from which they can take advantage. Ufone offers a verity of daily call packages from which users can choose as per their needs. You can find further details about Ufone’s daily call packages down below. : Tax is already included in the subscription cost. : For free 10 Mbs, standard charges apply. : These offers can be activated more than one time at the same time, old package contents will be added to the new one. : Stranded charges applied on calling Ufone customer’s service

Ufone Call Packages (Weekly):

Ufone give its customers to choose from a wide verity of Ufone call packages. Below you can find all details about Ufone’s weekly call packages. : You can activate the same package more than one time. Old package contents will be added to the new one. : You can dial *707# to get info about the remaining minutes. Service charges applied

Ufone Call Packages (Monthly):

For customers who are not regularly going out our busy, these monthly calls packages are for them. Details about Ufone monthly call packages are given below

Ufone New Sim Offer:

Ufone Packages (Postpaid)

Ufone offers packages to its postpaid users as well. There are not a lot of postpaid packages for postpaid users. Postpaid users can choose only from monthly based packages. You’ll find further details down below. 

Terms And Conditions:

1: Maximum of 100 minutes are allocated upon 1 subscription.
2: Offer will automatically reactivate after 12:00 AM.
3: Services charges applied on calls like customer services balance inquiry etc.
4: Package is valid from subscription till 11:59 PM. 5:As per PTA’s order! Only use your own biometric verified sim.

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