Ufone New SIM Offer|A Comprehensive Guide For Customers

Ufone New SIM Offer | A Comprehensive Guide For Customers

Ufone is a well-known and reputable mobile network in Pakistan. It is known for providing affordable packages and quality services to its customers.Ufone has introduced a new SIM offer that is designed to cater to the needs of all types of customers. Ufone new SIM offer is a great opportunity for customers who are looking for an affordable and reliable mobile network.Visit your nearest Ufone franchise today to avail this offer.

How To Avail Ufone New SIM Offer

Availing of the Ufone new SIM offer is simple and easy. So have a look at the following instructions and avail this amazing offer.

  • Visit your nearest Ufone franchise and request a new SIM card.
  • Provide your biometric verification to the Ufone representative.
  • Receive your new Ufone SIM card along with the free data, minutes, and SMS.
  • Activate your SIM by dialing *555#.
Offer Name
Free Internet Data

Free SMS
Ufone Minutes
Off-net minutes
Ufone New SIM Offer2 GB500500 Ufone to Ufone 25

Key Features of Ufone New SIM Offer

The Ufone new SIM proposal comes with several exciting features that make it stand out from other mobile network providers. Here are some of the key features of the offer:

1.Free Internet Data

Upon buying a new Ufone SIM, customers will receive 2GB of free internet data for a week. Users can enjoy browsing, streaming, and downloading without any additional charges.

2.Free Minutes and SMS

Customers can also enjoy free minutes and SMS.Customers can get 500 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 25 off-net minutes, and 500 SMS to any network in Pakistan.

3.Affordable Call Rates

Ufone offers the most affordable call rates to its customers. With the Ufone new SIM, customers can make calls to any network in Pakistan at a rate of just Rs.1.2 per 30 seconds.

4.No Hidden Charges

There are no hidden charges associated with the Ufone new SIM . Users will only be charged for the services they use.

5.Biometric Verification

To ensure the security of its customers, Ufone requires biometric verification for new SIMs. This process is quick, easy, and ensures that the SIM is registered under the customer’s name.

Ufone New SIM Offer|A Comprehensive Guide For Customers
Ufone New SIM

Recommended Offers:

Can I avail of the Ufone new SIM offer more than once?

No,this offer can only be availed once per CNIC.

How can I check my remaining balance and free resources in Ufone New SIM ?

Dial *707# to check your remaining balance and free resources.

Is the biometric verification process mandatory for all customers?

Yes, biometric verification is mandatory for all new Ufone SIMs.

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