Ufone Weekly Call Packages|Activation Code & Complete Details

Ufone Weekly Call Packages | Activation Code & Complete Details

Ufone, one of Pakistan’s leading telecommunications providers, understands the need of users and offers a range of convenient and affordable weekly call packages to cater to its customers’ communication needs. These weekly call packages provide Ufone users with the flexibility and convenience of making calls throughout the week without worrying about excessive charges or limited minutes. Let’s explore the world of Ufone weekly call packages and discover the benefits they bring.

Ufone weekly call packages are specifically designed to offer subscribers a cost-effective solution for their communication requirements. With these packages, Ufone users can enjoy a designated number of free minutes to make calls to any Ufone number, other networks, or even landlines, depending on the package they choose. These packages come with varying validity periods, ensuring that users can stay connected for a full week without interruptions.

Ufone Weekly Call Packages

Have a look at the following table and subscribe to your favourite weekly bundle and enjoy with your friends,family and relatives.

Package Name

Subscription Code
On-net minutes

Off-net minutes
Internet Data
Ufone Talk Time Offer*6789#Rs.52.17Unlimited7 Days
Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer*8888#Rs.115(Incl+Tax)700100 MB7 Days
Ufone Best Weekly Offer*7070#Rs.130(Incl+Tax)10002 GB7 Days
Ufone Asli Chappar phaar Offer*5050#Rs.140(Incl+Tax)1001001 GB7 Days
Ufone Super Minutes*210#Rs.170(Incl+Tax)1707 Days
Ufone Sab Say Bari Offer*7777#Rs.320(Incl+Tax)5000500040 MB7 Days
Ufone Sab Say Bari Plus Offer*7777#Rs.350(Incl+Tax)50002000500040 MB7 Days

Benefits and Features of Ufone Weekly Call Packages

Ufone weekly call packages bring a plethora of benefits and features that make them an attractive option for subscribers. Some notable advantages include:

  1. Affordability: Ufone offers competitive pricing for its weekly call Bundles, allowing users to enjoy extensive call minutes without breaking the bank.
  2. Flexibility: These packages provide users with the flexibility to make calls anytime during the week, without any time restrictions. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, users can stay connected at their convenience.
  3. Unlimited Calls: Some Ufone weekly call Bundles offer unlimited calls to Ufone numbers, enabling users to talk to their friends and family without any limitations.
  4. Calling All Networks: Apart from Ufone numbers, these packages also include minutes for calling other networks, making it easier to connect with individuals who are using different mobile service providers.
Ufone Weekly Call Packages|Activation Code & Complete Details
Ufone Weekly Call Bundles

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How will I unsubscribe Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer?

Simply dial *8880# to unsubscribe Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer.

Can I use Ufone weekly call Bundle for international calls?

Ufone weekly call Bundle are typically designed for domestic calls within Pakistan. If you wish to make international calls, you may need to explore Ufone international call packages or consider other available options.

Can I subscribe to multiple Ufone weekly call Bundle simultaneously?

In general, you cannot subscribe to multiple Ufone weekly call Bundle simultaneously. You may need to wait for the current package to expire before subscribing to a new one.

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