Zong SMS Packages Daily,Weekly,Monthly

Zong SMS Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly | Complete Guideline

Zong is concentrating its efforts even further by giving its consumers a variety of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly SMS packages.

Both prepaid and postpaid clients are eligible for this offer.

Zong Daily SMS Packages:

For its consumers, Zong offers a variety of packages on its daily SMS list.All social groups can afford the Zong Daily SMS Package.

Following are the list of Zong Daily SMS Packages.

Package Name Subscription CodeSMSPriceValidity
Zong Zulu SMS Bundle*704#500Rs.41 Day
Zong Full Gup Package*118*1#100Rs.51 Day
Zong Daily SMS+WhatsApp Bundle*700#500Rs.71 Day
Zong Sixer Plus Package*666#500Rs.81 Day
Zong Flutter Package*369#120Rs.121 Day
Zong Perfect Package*118*2#500Rs.121 Day
Zong Hello 1 Din*2200*1#150Rs.131 Day
Zong Shandaar Daily Package*999#800Rs.171 Day

Zong Weekly SMS Packages:

Several weekly bundles are available for subscribers of Zong Weekly SMS Package. Weekly SMS packages are available for consumers who enjoy SMS and want to stay in touch with their friends and family. With these bundles, there are hundreds of SMS that satisfy the subscribers’ weekly SMS needs. Any community of people can afford the Zong Weekly SMS Package. For continued conversation with friends and family, the majority of our youth like purchasing affordable SMS package plans. 

Following are the list of Zong Weekly SMS Package.

Package NameSubscription CodeSMSPriceValidity
Zong Weekly SMS Bundle*702#1300Rs.217 Days
Zong Shandaar Weekly Package*7#500Rs.1207 Days
Zong All In One Bundle Weekly*6464#1000Rs.2007 Days
Zong Haftawar Load Offer*70#2500Rs.2707 Days
Zong Karachi Offer*54#5000Rs.2507 Days

Zong Monthly SMS Package:

Zong offers unlimited SMS Bundles. In comparison to Zong daily and weekly SMS packages, the monthly SMS package is less expensive and easier to subscribe.

Have a look on the following table to subscribe Zong Monthly SMS Package.

Package NameSubscription CodeSMSPriceValidity
Zong Monthly SMS+WhatsApp Bundle*705#500Rs.501 Month
Zong Shandaar Monthly Package*1000#1000Rs.3001 Month
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500*1313#1000Rs.5001 Month
Zong Super Card*6464#UnlimitedRs.6991 Month
Zong Supreme Package*3030#5000Rs.10001 Month
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000*1313#1500Rs.10001 Month
Zong Supreme Plus Package*1500# or *6464*4#10000Rs.17321 Month

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Zong SMS Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly| Complete Guideline
Zong SMS Packages
How will I unsubscribe Zong Zulu SMS Bundle?

Simply send “unsub” to 704.

How many SMS I will get in Zong Weekly SMS Package?

In this offer you will get 1300 SMS.

How can I get Free SMS on Zong?

Simply dial *310*25# to get free SMS on Zong.

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